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It came to pass in ancient days when Romans roamed the Earth,
A child was born mid angels' praise proclaiming of His worth!
No mortal child was like this child! His Father was the Lord!
His Mother, Mary, undefiled, virginity assured!
The Virgin Birth as it's been called transformed Man's history!
It left the angels quite enthralled at God's great mystery!
For God's Own Son would save Mankind! Thus Jesus was His Name!
One day He'd heal the deaf, the blind, the dumb of speech and lame!
Think not that babes aren't treasure chests! Each has a part to play!
For they, like sparrows, leave their nests! Then soar and fly away!
Thus Jesus Christ of Nazareth was destined first to preach,
Such that He taught with every breath, intent, lost souls to reach!
Then came the time disciples joined! Yes, seventy and two...
Including Judas who purloined, some shekels to accrue!
He saw the miracles of Christ! He followed like a friend!
Then doubts in him were realised! Such doubts that wouldn't mend!
Thus Judas sold the Son of Man, betraying wondrous love!
Perhaps he saw how death began when Christ was raised above!
Perhaps he looked behind a shroud that kept his face from view!
Perhaps he choked and wept aloud and yet what could he do?
There on the Cross of Christ blood fell... Life's energy was drained...
Until at last Christ said farewell... Atonement fully gained...
The sacrificial lamb was He! Unblemished, without spot!
Behold the King of Calvary! Behold the Son of God!
The crowds departed, homeward bound! Another prophet dead!
Another tomb must yet be found to hide away what bled!
Yet Jesus prophesied of life beyond the grisly grave!
Thus Easter Sunday conquered strife and death no more stood brave!
Behold the risen, conquering Son! Behold death cowers still!
Who is this Saviour who has won according to God's will?
Repent, you demons of the night! Repent, you men of Earth!
Behold the Saviour bathed in light who grants lost souls new birth!
No more will Man have cause to doubt! Now faith will shine as gold!
Christ's love will prove what life's about as miracles unfold!
A mighty army prays each day, God's mercies to implore!
Jesus of Nazareth is "THE WAY"... Both now and evermore...

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While friendships come and friendships go,
It's truth that lies between.
It's there through every high and low
As if it's always been.
No matter what the future brings,
It's faith that holds the key.
It's love that grants each heart new wings
When life's a mystery.
The Cosmos full of suns and moons
And stars that twinkle bright
Cannot outshine the treasured tunes
That love has brought to light.
The purest meadow ever known
Seems empty without love.
What use such beauty if alone?
It hardly seems enough.
Yet with a sweetheart hand-in-hand
You walk as if on air...
While friendship we all understand,
True love's beyond compare!
God grant this miracle each day...
Without it all is lost!
And blessed are those who kneel and pray,
Prepared to pay the cost..
God's great example to the world
Is given in His Son...
Once crucified with arms unfurled...
Who prayed, "Thy will be done..."
Beyond the blood once sacrificed,
Beyond the life He gave...
It's love that draws Mankind to Christ...
The only One to save...
Let Easter be the memory
That heightens every thought.
God calls each soul to Calvary
For friendship in the Lord...

Denis Martindale  ©  for Easter 2005.


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I Don't Know How


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FIZZY FAITH! (http://fizzyfaith.knows.it)

A fizzy faith's a busy faith -
Bubbling with new ideas!
It longs to save and so it's brave
Enough to conquer fears!
It does much more than just survive
Man's plans for history!
A fizzy faith will surely thrive
Throughout eternity!
If someone else has fizzy faith
They'll prove it beyond doubt!
Since Calvary, when God forgave,
They want to shout it out!
They study what the Bible says!
They search each prophecy!
They often focus with new prayers -
God's lines are always free!
Perhaps they'll write a brand new song,
Or parable or verse!
Perhaps they'll choose to right a wrong
So things do not get worse!
Perhaps they'll work behind the scenes -
Anonymous to most...
And though they act as go-betweens,
They've lost the need to boast!
If you're like these then you'll behave
As if your life's brand new!
Let God in Heaven increase your faith!
Be a 'fizzy faither', too!
It's up to you to comprehend
The Christian path God gives!
You know Lord Jesus is your friend!
You know the Saviour lives!
Reach out to save lost souls from Hell!
Unlock their chains by prayer!
Of all truths that Christ teaches well,
His first is, 'LEARN TO CARE!'
That way you'll make a difference NOW!
God's Love will prove the key!
Reflect on who, what, where and how!
Fulfil YOUR destiny!

Denis Martindale  ©  Easter 2005.

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