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The vivid artistic portrait below is of
the epic film, The Passion Of The Christ.
Artist Marco Lopez shows the reality of the Cross!
Crucifixion literally means excruciating pain,
the agony of spirit, body and soul...

I discovered the painting on Ebay!

Ironically this painting reminded me of
Max Von Sydow's portrayal of Jesus Christ...

Artist's description:

Hi, my name is Marco Lopez
and I painted this piece.
The painting measures 6 by 6 inches
and is on stretcher bars ready
to be hung or framed.

My signature is on the back
and it was painted in 2005.
The painting is expressive and powerful,
representing a deep sense of spirituality.

Please note that this is a © copyrighted image
and that all rights are reserved by the artist.
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Copyrighted image by permission, all rights reserved

The original image has been edited here for
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Dolphins demo display

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I'll not hunger for a fortune while others wait and starve!
Nor drink away the afternoon... Nor at the beggars laugh!
I challenge every soul on Earth to stand up for what's right!
To humbly pray for what has worth! No matter, day or night!
This world has problems all its own! Must men be taught to care?
And till all evil's overthrown, I shall not quit My prayer!
For eternal is My vigil! The Cosmos cannot end
Till it's seen faith's mighty struggle and evils are condemned!
Father, grant Me still the passion! Let not the heat grow cold!
Unblemished by every fashion that tries to fit Man's mould!
God gave a shield, God gave a sword, God gave a helmet, too!
So that I'd stand and fight assured and see the battle through!
And if I must die a hero that only God could see,
God grant He makes new blood to flow in heroes just like Me!
For I'll not die a withered man with all My passions spent!
I'll do the very best I can! There's no way I'll relent!
Hell has no fury like the fire that burns within My soul!
To God's great justice I aspire... and God's grace is My goal!
I cannot turn this way or that, retreat My pilgrim path...
Should My dead body be laid flat, 't would be My epitaph!
No craven coward soul am I! No weakling on My own...
I've seen almighty God on high! He's smiling on His Throne!
So if I'm martyred, 'tis God's will... My soul still shines with love!
No matter where My blood may spill, My soul ascends above!

Denis Martindale © October 2003.

Poem based on the Gospel film directed by Mel Gibson,
starring James Caviezel as Jesus Christ, Son of God

The poem has been accepted for publication in the
Triumph House poetry anthology called LIGHT MY WAY

NB Reference ISBN 1844310647 Book Ref *TH0488F0038*...

An unofficial Passion movie website proved helpful!
It had lots of Frequently Asked Questions...

It was one of the first search engine results...

This is the book review I posted on the Amazon site
which explains my search for the book about the film
which is entitled THE PASSION... I checked images of
Jamie Caviezel and then found some interesting sites.

When I learnt there was a book I went searching for
English sources and prices and delivery, extra info!
I hoped Amazon would use my review to help others...

The Passion Of Christ, 17 February, 2004

Reviewer: denismartindale from UK

Having visited the official and unofficial websites, I
went on to do further Google Search Engine checks which
led me to comparison websites geared to the UK.

I had tried Amazon using the ISBN number 0-8423-7362-4
as supplied by the other sites and then did further
search engine checks and tried again with just the numbers
0842373624. That led me here and so I found The Passion
book available at last. While many book sites exist, I feel
that Amazon will prove itself yet again, especially now I
know a bit more about search and find techniques. I have
been a Christian poet for many years and wondered if there
would ever be a realistic film about Jesus. If so, it
would certainly be bloody. Now that there's a book
available with over 150 pictures, maybe we can at least
get some idea of how the storyline is portrayed.

I wrote a poem called The Passion Of Christ about the
film and recently read details of it in the Sunday Express.
I wrote a new poem called The Courage Of Christ. The first
has been accepted for publication and I'll send the latest
one off to Forward Press Publishers for consideration.

Each one of us can get motivated by sources of
inspiration, yet for Christians the controversy of this
film changes everything. Family viewing is limited.
You literally have to fight against the screen violence
of many films yet this stands apart. It's based on
recorded events. It's not dramatised by the Gospel writers.
They lived in a culture that was surrounded by crosses.
We see sculptured figures of Christ upon wooden or
metal crosses. They aren't suffering because they aren't
flesh and blood. The real Jesus was crucified under
Pontius Pilate according to the Creed. Six hours are a
long time, but in those days it went on for days. This
crucifixion was brought to an abrupt end. It isn't like
the Jesus of Nazareth made-for-tv version. That lasted
about six hours. The Passion of Christ is a twelve-hour
journey into the twilight zone. A time of vicious
bloodthirsty violence that Romans inflicted to instil fear.
Jesus endured to the end. He simply had to. He died for you.
He died for me. He died to Himself in order to live for God.
So whatever the Romans inflicted they couldn't touch the
purity of His eternal soul. That's what makes it honourable,
horrific yet honourable... When Christ rose from the dead,
that made it clear that God regarded Him as perfect in
His sight. It meant He could forgive us, even the most
vicious among us. Even those whom Jesus prayed for,
'Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do...'
If God is willing to forgive them, then surely He is
willing to forgive us our sins and our trespasses. It is
truly the greatest story ever told...

I'm adding the review here. Thank you,

The official websites:

There are links to resources and supporting the film:

It's a Tynedale publication:

See support THE PASSION film...
Additional resources/The Passion book:

Select and compare UK delivery/prices/discounts.

"The Passion" published by Tyndale US Price: $24.99
Binding: Hardcover w/jacket, Page Count 160
Trim Size: 8 3/4 x 11 1/4 ISBN: 0-8423-7362-4
BUT also try 0842373624 for ISBN searches!

Interesting coincidences: add all the book's numbers!
Total 39, the number of 3 times 13 and also of
the 39 stripes of the Roman whipping/scourging...
Robert Powell also played Jesus of Nazareth....
He starred in the film 'The 39 Steps'...

3 is for the Holy Trinity and the 9 could be
representing the gifts of the Holy Spirit...

The Passion by Tyndale LARGE PHOTO LINK,
Picture size details: 513 by 648...

Product Type: Books CPC Super Category: INS (Inspiration)
ECPC Primary Category: CHI (Christian Inspiration)
CPC Sub Category: GEN (General) Release Date: March 2004

First Chapter: View First Chapter The Passion

is a visual portrayal of the last twelve hours in the life of Jesus.
Gripping photos taken on the set of Mel Gibson's new film,
The Passion of Christ, together with the biblical narratives in the
New Living Translation, present the story in vivid detail.
A sweeping overview of the Passion story in powerful images
that will enhance the movie experience!

'This is a movie about love, hope, faith, and forgiveness.
He [Jesus] died for all mankind, suffered for all of us.
It's time to get back to that basic message.
The world has gone nuts. We could all use a little more love,
faith, hope, and forgiveness.' --Mel Gibson, Icon Productions

BUY ONLINE: SEARCH 0842373624 SEARCH 0842373624

A1 Christian Bookstore
Books of the Bible Christian Bookstore
Christian Book Canada
Christian Recovery Online Bookstore
NewLife Resources (Canada)


The very best I ever wrote told of the Chosen Few!
I preached about God's antidote, salvation just for you!
One night God filled me with His love! God's light began to glow!
Back then I couldn't write enough, wise words were bound to flow!
With barely a title started, somehow it said it all:
'It's only the brokenhearted that love attempts to call.'
The verses came like thunderbolts, as if they couldn't wait!
As if each stored a million volts and I'd unlocked a gate!
They charged on through and energised each thought I sought to share.
I'd seen the Cross of Jesus Christ! Visions beyond compare!
One thief believed the King of Kings... the other mocked and died.
The first had found the peace God brings when pride is crucified.
Love cannot call a heart of stone nor draw the icy soul...
Love only calls to Calvary's own who ache to be made whole.
The humble heart cries out to God and prays till it is heard...
One day it learns Christ shed His blood! It's written in God's Word!
The visions helped me in my quest to preach for all I'm worth!
I learnt God gave His very best... for every soul on Earth...

Denis Martindale © January 2004

This poem tells about a writer who receives a revelation!
No time period is given to indicate when this could have been
written. It could have been Saint Paul or Saint Denis.
The poem could be considered as a New Testament Psalm since
we are part of the New Testament Church Age...

The Early Church was open to prophecies and visions as the
Holy Spirit was poured out upon all flesh. Thousands welcomed
the gift of the Holy Spirit and considered all revelations
worthy of testing to see if they truly came from God.

Christians are reminded that it is the Holy Spirit who
testifies to them that they are the Children of God.
This was sometimes confirmed with signs and wonders that
the Apostles would accept as being proof that God had
forgiven both Jews and Gentiles. The poem is a reminder
of this, too, in that Jesus died to save the sinners
from every tribe and nation. When the last day comes,
the Church shall be seen as complete. Until that day
comes we are sent forth as a mighty army to tell the
whole world about the Cross of Christ...

This is the Call of Calvary...

This is the first step to Heaven...

Poem accepted for the Triumph House poetry anthology
called Light Is All Around so here are the details:
ISBN 184431068X Book Ref *TH0497F0083*


Surrounded by soldiers He walked,
Along the city streets...
While the Jews and the Gentiles talked
Of His wonders and His feats.
And yet these miracles of love
Weren't proof He was divine...
To the doubters they weren't enough -
They sought another sign...
When Pilate judged that Christ be whipped
And then to set Him free,
The crowd went wild, Christ stood tight-lipped,
Prepared for Calvary.
The Son of God obeyed His Lord,
Through sorrow, pain and strife.
Six hours long His blood outpoured...
And then He gave His life...
His faithful friends let out a cry
That angels heard in Heaven,
Who knew the reason Christ must die -
For souls to be forgiven!
Within the week God's power came!
The risen Lord lived on!
And in good hearts He lit a flame,
A faith to build upon!
Although Christ died upon the Hill,
He saves lost souls like Saul!
Today, Christ's friends continue still
And preach Good News to all...

Poem by Denis Martindale © June 2000. 10062374.jpg copyright permission to website associates of copyright permission to website associates of

Note for PC users eg with Internet Explorer...
The following photo best seen using F11 key...
This increases the height display for you...
Use F11 to reset the display once more...

Robert Powell as Jesus of Nazareth



It came to pass in ancient days when Romans roamed the Earth,
A child was born mid angels' praise proclaiming of His worth!
No mortal child was like this child! His Father was the Lord!
His Mother, Mary, undefiled, virginity assured!
The Virgin Birth as it's been called transformed Man's history!
It left the angels quite enthralled at God's great mystery!
For God's Own Son would save Mankind! Thus Jesus was His Name!
One day He'd heal the deaf, the blind, the dumb of speech and lame!
Think not that babes aren't treasure chests! Each has a part to play!
For they, like sparrows, leave their nests! Then soar and fly away!
Thus Jesus Christ of Nazareth was destined first to preach,
Such that He taught with every breath, intent, lost souls to reach!
Then came the time disciples joined! Yes, seventy and two...
Including Judas who purloined, some shekels to accrue!
He saw the miracles of Christ! He followed like a friend!
Then doubts in him were realised! Such doubts that wouldn't mend!
Thus Judas sold the Son of Man, betraying wondrous love!
Perhaps he saw how death began when Christ was raised above!
Perhaps he looked behind a shroud that kept his face from view!
Perhaps he choked and wept aloud and yet what could he do?
There on the Cross of Christ blood fell... Life's energy was drained...
Until at last Christ said farewell... Atonement fully gained...
The sacrificial lamb was He! Unblemished, without spot!
Behold the King of Calvary! Behold the Son of God!
The crowds departed, homeward bound! Another prophet dead!
Another tomb must yet be found to hide away what bled!
Yet Jesus prophesied of life beyond the grisly grave!
Thus Easter Sunday conquered strife and death no more stood brave!
Behold the risen, conquering Son! Behold death cowers still!
Who is this Saviour who has won according to God's will?
Repent, you demons of the night! Repent, you men of Earth!
Behold the Saviour bathed in light who grants lost souls new birth!
No more will Man have cause to doubt! Now faith will shine as gold!
Christ's love will prove what life's about as miracles unfold!
A mighty army prays each day, God's mercies to implore!
Jesus of Nazareth is "THE WAY"... Both now and evermore...

Denis Martindale © poem November 2002.

The following is a film review prepared for:
the film Jesus Of Nazareth, VHS or DVD...
Submitted for online...
I'm adding it here in the hope it's helpful...

Take a world full of sinners and then into that
wretched world add one individual who refused to sin...
A child who sought to know and to grow. A child who
would seek to let others know and grow. In essence,
knowledge is power. If you find God you learn to get
to know God. As the Bible says, 'Draw near to God...
and God will draw near to you.' Jesus meditated on the
highest thoughts possible then reached out to others
with those thoughts. He used reason as well as parables
to get His message across. Knowing He was commissioned by
God to be empowered with greatness, He kept Himself pure.
It is this sincerity that comes across. The film
'Jesus Of Nazareth' gives you a start in understanding
how the land of Israel was full of prophets and soothsayers
stirring up the people. Add to these the freedom-fighters
ready to destroy the power of Roman rule and injustice.
The leaders of that day would do anything to maintain
their hold on the lives and the deaths of others.
When Jesus confronted the people about getting right with
God, Jehovah or Yahwah, He went out of His way to go the
extra mile. So we see Jesus travelling from town-to-town
teaching, reaching, beseeching men, women and children
to seek God first, to seek the Kingdom of Righteousness,
even above all the Kingdoms of Earth.
'What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world...
and yet lose his own soul?' Christ's encounters with
devils and demons exposed their weaknesses in the presence
of God's power. Even the winds and the elements obeyed
Jesus of Nazareth. So we see expectant looks in the eyes
of those about to be healed. We see disciples staring in
wonder. We see leaders questioning Jesus with cynicism.
We see challenges as the King of Love spreads His version
of how life is meant to be lived. It's like He was saying,
'It's not the quantity of one's life...
it's the quality...
It's not what others can do for you,
but what you can do for others!'
Imagine the times! People looking for a King to conquer Rome...
Jesus must have laughed at that... Why accept just one kingdom
when you are truly the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords,
the Son of the Living God... Yet for all the miracles,
Jesus knew the Prophets wrote of Him: the Christ, the
Anointed One, the Redeemer, the Messiah! The prophet and
preacher John the Baptist told his disciples to follow Jesus!
'Behold, the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world!'
Yes, lambs were sacrificed in those days. Their innocence in
place of sinners' guilt. Jesus looked at the people like
sheep without a shepherd. He said, 'The good shepherd lays
down his life for the sheep...' So Jesus went to Jerusalem and
received the worship and the glory of Palm Sunday... yet
knowing He would be betrayed and given over for sacrifice.
He wasn't in the dark about the Cross of Christ. Psalm 22 and
Isaiah 53 had already forewarned Him. He sought to obey God
and it's this conflict that grips the soul. So this film
doesn't wash its hands of what happened when Christ was
crucified. Those who have read the Biblical accounts truly
need a picture like this to help it filter through. To see
it is to become a Christian witness. Even if you don't believe
and become a Christian... at least you may learn how Christians
feel about being loved and saved by the King of Love...
Jesus of Nazareth... This is not just a masterpiece, it is a
modern day miracle... In essence, it is more precious than gold...
for it is the greatest story ever told...

Having read about the courage of Christ in The Bible
is one thing... but to see it face-to-face is another...
The film called THE PASSION OF CHRIST deals with
this issue. It doesn't show a sanitised version for
family viewing... What it does show is a graphic
dramatisation of events that were the height of cruelty
in those violent times when Roman rule was that of the
iron fist, a fist that God wanted to change into the
open hand of friendship... This poem was written after
reading a review of the film in the Sunday Express,
page 19, February 15th 2004...


In Roman times, the world was chained
To Caesars and their friends,
To armies bold and fiercely trained
And proud of their defence.
They marched across the globe itself
In search of lands to rule
And everywhere they plundered wealth
Their actions proved them cruel.
In Palestine, the cross was used
To fill all men with fear
And if obedience was refused,
That cross was very near!
Thus freedom fighters, petty thieves
And even prophets, too,
Were all aware of how it grieves!
They'd seen and heard and knew...
Thus many men were fearful still
And chose their cowards' path,
But Jesus knew that Calvary's Hill
Must be His epitaph!
To serve His God, to save the lost,
To help Mankind know love,
Lord Jesus chose to count the cost
And thus was raised above!
Two thieves joined Christ that fateful day
The Lamb of God was slain!
One thief believed Christ was THE WAY,
Salvation was his gain!
The other thief remained unsaved!
Condemned just like the rest!
In Jesus Christ our sins are waived -
Forgiveness for the blessed...
Apostles preached in every part
That Jesus Christ is risen!
So welcome Him inside your heart
And praise the Lord in Heaven!

Denis Martindale © 16th February 2004.

This Gospel poem prompted another one...


Do you have the courage to change? Do you seek to improve?
To sort things out or rearrange - to get out of the groove?
The time is now for something new, to change what's stale and old...
Perhaps to change your point of view, so better things unfold.
The chance to change is always here - each second proves it's so.
It's like the rose: each passing year, new flowers come and go.
It's like the water's fluid path, it's like the winds above,
It's like the effervescent laugh, it's like the gift of love!
Do you have the courage to change? Do you have hearts that care?
If so, then do not think it strange that you think life's unfair!
Today, too many starve or thirst! Today, too many moan...
Today, too many think they're cursed! Today, too many groan!
If not for change, we'd never learn, or pray that we would seek
The righteous road we must discern to make us strong not weak.
If not for passion, we'd all fail, of that there can't be doubt...
So leave behind the mental jail! With teamwork... work it out!
The challenge stands, not one's ignored! With courage, each must try!
God only grants His great reward if we change by and by...

Denis Martindale © February 2004.

Poem written to help promote The Passion Of Christ,
the movie directed by Mel Gibson and featured in the
Sunday Express, mid February 2004. The article
explains the need for change in humanity for it was
the wisdom of the world that crucified Christ...
Not knowing God or His divine destiny for His Son,
Jesus of Nazareth, they put Him to death on Calvary...
upon The Cross Of Christ...

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For Your Eyes Only
Sheena Easton
Refresh key for tune
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Gospel lyrics set to the
James Bond theme of
For Your Eyes Only
recorded by the
wondrous melodic voice
of Sheena Easton!


Lord Jesus, hold me!
Please lead me to the Light!
Lord Jesus, hold me!
Please feed me some insight!
You loved me on Calvary!
On Calvary, it's true!
Nobody's loved as quite
As much as You!

Lord Jesus, hold me,
Hold me to You!
Receive the very heart of me,
Today, eternally!
Lord Jesus, hold me,
Hold me to You!
To find You was my destiny,
My ecstasy, my liberty!
Jesus, hold me...
Lord Jesus, hold me!

Lord Jesus, hold me!
Please never let me go!
Yet please don't scold me!
I really want to grow!
Teach me from each Bible book!
Communion bread and wine!
Yet most of all,
Forgiveness that's divine!

Lord Jesus, hold me,
Hold me to You!
Receive the very heart of me,
Today, eternally!
Lord Jesus, hold me,
Hold me to You!
The Passion sacrificed for me,
The Blood Atonement meant for me!
Jesus loves me!
Lord Jesus loves me!!

Denis Martindale © January 2003

More Denis Martindale poetry here.

Thanks to:
and foryoureyesonly.mid

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Love is the meaning we're alive!
Love shares so others may survive!
Love cares for this world, lost souls and all!
So it lives to hear God's call!
Love lifts the spirits just to bless!
Love's gifts grant more than happiness!
They won't make us sinners doomed to fall!
For love lives to hear God's call!
Any wisdom love learns pure gold
That's meant not just for one to hold!
Love's like a kiss upon your lips!
Love's touch is more than fingertips!
Yet love's sure, here's the first great truth of all!
So love lives to hear God's call!

Denis Martindale © Christmas Day December 2002.


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So many poems penned by me!
I've poems by the score!
They're on the net for folks to see!
Some help explain 'Amour'!
Some tell of God and Jesus, too...
Some preach eternal love...
Some wonder what on Earth to do
When hoping's not enough...
So visit, please, my website!
Share what a writer dreams...
Perhaps you'll find a true delight
Amongst a myriad reams!
I hope you do! If so, I'm glad!
It really makes my day!
To think, that I, can somehow add
A blessing right away!

DENIS MARTINDALE © November 2003.

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