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© November 2002.

It came to pass in ancient days
When Romans roamed the Earth,
A child was born mid angels' praise
Proclaiming of His worth!
No mortal child was like this child!
His Father was the Lord!
His Mother, Mary, undefiled,
Virginity assured!
The Virgin Birth as it's been called
Transformed Man's history!
It left the angels quite enthralled
At God's great mystery!
For God's Own Son would save Mankind!
Thus Jesus was His Name!
One day He'd heal the deaf, the blind,
The dumb of speech and lame!
Think not that babes aren't treasure chests!
Each has a part to play!
For they, like sparrows, leave their nests!
Then soar and fly away!
Thus Jesus Christ of Nazareth
Was destined first to preach,
Such that He taught with every breath,
Intent, lost souls to reach!
Then came the time disciples joined!
Yes, seventy and two...
Including Judas who purloined,
Some shekels to accrue!
He saw the miracles of Christ!
He followed like a friend!
Then doubts in him were realised!
Such doubts that wouldn't mend!
Thus Judas sold the Son of Man,
Betraying wondrous love!
Perhaps he saw how death began
When Christ was raised above!
Perhaps he looked behind a shroud
That kept his face from view!
Perhaps he choked and wept aloud
And yet what could he do?
There on the Cross of Christ blood fell...
Life's energy was drained...
Until at last Christ said farewell...
Atonement fully gained...
The sacrificial lamb was He!
Unblemished, without spot!
Behold the King of Calvary!
Behold the Son of God!
The crowds departed, homeward bound!
Another prophet dead!
Another tomb must yet be found
To hide away what bled!
Yet Jesus prophesied of life
Beyond the grisly grave!
Thus Easter Sunday conquered strife
And death no more stood brave!
Behold the risen, conquering Son!
Behold death cowers still!
Who is this Saviour who has won
According to God's will?
Repent, you demons of the night!
Repent, you men of Earth!
Behold the Saviour bathed in light
Who grants lost souls new birth!
No more will Man have cause to doubt!
Now faith will shine as gold!
Christ's love will prove what life's about
As miracles unfold!
A mighty army prays each day,
God's mercies to implore!
Jesus of Nazareth is "THE WAY"...
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'Jesus of Nazareth' Choices Direct video
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Jesus of Nazareth poem colours demo!

This poem is about the Christian Gospel film,
'Jesus of Nazareth' starring Robert Powell...


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This poem's based on the Gospel film
and how to get a copy...

or visit
for Jesus of Nazareth poem colours demo!
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THE EVER SO GENTLE ENCHANTMENT Exquisite as a masterpiece composed in Mozart's mind... Piano playing meant to please made everything refined. The dancer shone amidst the light that crowned her noble brow And all at once her form took flight and beauty took a bow. The noble creature soared above the realm of common man. As if her heart now filled with love, across the stage she ran. Dramatic power which enchants, God's wonder to install, Drew rapt attention to her dance and mesmerised us all. Her smiles to us were borne of joy, serenity to share. As if she set out to destroy each sorrow, ache or care. Somehow she blossomed like a rose that each would gladly kiss. The dancer's name God only knows, and yet she brought such bliss. God bless her, please, for memories that nevermore will part - For she was like a gentle breeze that nestled in my heart. I'll not forget the tenderness her dance has brought to me! She filled my soul with happiness! She set my spirit free! Denis Martindale, © copyright October 2005. POETRY PRINTOUT WEBPAGES CONTINUED... THE CELESTIAL COMPETITION! This is about the Genesis of Poetry, so to speak...
SPECIAL FRIENDS, SPECIAL SOULMATES This poem demo page shows how to view the poems on and gives direct access to my poems list for those who wish to view them and use them as email greetings for special friends, etc!
PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE... Patience pays its own dividends... in the end! On this poem page I've added extra info about Forward Press and poetry lists...
is for the Forward Press Poetry List
is for the Poetry List
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This is about a walk through the countryside...

This is a hymn about the film, 'Mary, Mother of Jesus'...

Shepherds inspired by the Christmas spirit write a poem!

Christmas, presence of mind... Christmas is for life!

Prayer needn't be a lonely affair with Jesus to care!

New song lyrics to the
James Bond film theme
'For Your Eyes Only'.
See links to the original
midi music file for this tune.

New lyrics set to film theme
'From Russia With Love'
originally recorded by
'Mr Mellow': Matt Monro...

Here are new song lyrics for the
James Bond film 'Thunderball'!

New song lyrics to the
James Bond film theme
'Diamonds Are Forever'. text-to-speech program tutorial
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Here are some Speakonia demos using various fonts: A Penchant For Writing
parable plus a Speakonia text-to-speech demo
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A Penchant For Writing
parable plus a Speakonia text-to-speech demo
using the Comic Sans MS font
A Penchant For Writing
parable plus a Speakonia text-to-speech demo
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A Penchant For Writing
parable plus a Speakonia text-to-speech demo
using the Royal Acidbath font
downloaded from website!
The voice can be saved as a wav file. It's huge, but it can be reduced using the Windows program, Sound Recorder eg converted to Radio Quality: Reset to this standard: PCM 12,000 Hz 8-bit mono. The demo is over 2 MB in size and loads up slowly yet once in the PC's memory or Internet cache, it should be available much faster for the other font demos. These are for reference purposes only. (The wav file is stored on the unlimited webspace available to customers who upload by FTP or File Transfer Protocol with local rate phone charges being incurred... So weekends are cheaper to upload files then nights/off-peak...) Should you wish to delete the file from your PC, it will be loaded into C drive then Windows then Temporary Internet Files. Use right-click then SHIFT and Delete to remove it rather than putting it into your Refuse Bin on your PC...

This is about Jesus Christ and about Easter...

This is about the miracle of life and appreciating it!

Have you ever tried to create a really powerful prayer?

Poems often come in dreams, even perfect poems...

New song lyrics to the
First Love tune
(firstlove.mid file).


Fizzy faith izz bizzy faith!
Internet website resourzizz...
seek and ye shall f.f.find!

Learning about computers?
So are these four friendly froggies!

Advertising using fancy fonts, finesse and flair!

It's easy to write a poem, isn't it?

How can you be friends forever without eternal life?


Poem about Countdown, the first show on Channel 4!
I added links 2 a numbers solver website just 4 U...
I added links 2 an anagram genius website just 4 U...
I added links 2 Amazon's Countdown books just 4 U...
I added some downloads links as well 4 U N U N U 2...


Inner beauty is just as important as 'eye-candy'!

Beauty is in the sigh of the beholder...

Deliberate repetition for increased emphasis...

Feminine beauty, from shadow to substance...

"No matter who you are, wherever you are,
always remember... Somebody loves you!"

This poem was read out by Peter Simon on TV.
The UK's bid tv shopping channel presenter
often ends his late night shopping show
with the simple message, "Somebody Loves You!"
So I wrote the poem especially for Peter 
and for his bid tv assistant Sophie...

Sometimes the Muse is said to come,
but not to all, she's just for some...

The name Linda means beautiful, so does Lynda.

The best man does the best he can...

One of God's greatest gifts is the smile...

Random acts of kindness
aren't as special as 100% kindness!

Courtesy costs nothing yet means everything!

Tribute to faith, hope and charity
and world-wide ministry!

My father inspired this by his persistent example!

My mother inspired this by her persistent example!

No good moaning about the state of the world, or is it?

Jerusalem is referred to as the apple of God's eye...

Where would we be without the existence of beauty?

The Precious Gift of Poetry: Use it... or lose it!

God helps those who help others...
such as writers helping writers!

The word 'poetry' gave me this theme
for a special tree...

Love is a choice of action instead of reaction...

God is everywhere otherwise there
wouldn't be anywhere...

Imagine Love acting as a
voice of encouragement...

A Pears Encyclopaedia poem inspired this one!
The original poem was a challenge:
'You Bid Me Try'.

There are two types of poet found in the world:
Those that can type and those that can't...

Romantic rhyme sometimes has a poke at the writer!

A sense of humour comes in handy every now and then...

This lady has a million dollar smile
and a heart to match...

Study biology and learn about this
amazing wonderful world!

Song lyrics about how love affects
each and every one of us.

New hymn lyrics for
'How Sweet The Name Of Jesus Sounds'...

The seasons have their reasons
and their memories...

The seasons have their reasons
and here is a haiku poem...

A published charity donation appeal poem
for American tragedy, September 11, 2001...
One of over 36,000 tribute poems on
Search for Martindale, Denis

5, 4, 3, 2, 1? WE'VE GOT YOUR NUMBER!
Hmmm... Call Waiting has a
whole new meaning nowadays!
The Sunday Express Call Centre Campaign
will explain!

Thinking in terms of the
long-term point of view...

The spectacle of colours from above
can be breathtaking!

Help from Heaven itself sure comes in handy, you know! CHRIST'S BRAVE NEW WORLD! Jesus is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords! THE COSMIC CREATOR OF LOVE Ever tried to make a cup of tea? How about a planet? LET'S TALK ABOUT LOVE! Think about the glorious character of love, true love... LET'S FACE IT, SHE'S WONDERFUL! God made her beautiful so that love would be wonderful... GOD BLESS THE GORGEOUS SAILOR MOON! A tribute to Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts! This poem leads on to a Picture Poster Gallery for all her Earth fans! FIRST KISS There's a first time for everything, so they say... THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN THE WORLD! Yes, she is the best of the best of the best of the best! A few of the beauty poems are included on these websites:

^^^ This is a direct link to my poems on! ^^^

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NB over 4 million poets online, plus permission to send
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There are other resources for quotations and their
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Yes, quizzes, quotes, over 2,000 literary titles!
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1 Abou Ben Adhem
2 Abraham Lincoln
3 Acrostic: "Are you deaf Father William?"
4 Acrostic: Around my lonely hearth to-night
5 Acrostic: Little maidens
6 Acrostic: Love-lighted eyes that will not start
7 Acrostic: Maiden though thy heart may quail
8 Acrostic: Maidens! if you love the tale
9 Addressed to Haydon
10 Aesop's Fables II
11 African Chief
12 After a Tempest
13 After Apple-Picking
14 After dark vapours have oppress'd our plains
15 After Three Days
16 Aged Pastor
17 Ages
18 Al Aaraaf
19 Alone
20 Among the Trees
21 An Essay on Man
22 And Did Those Feet
23 Annabel Lee
24 Another on the Same
25 Antiquity of Freedom
26 Arcades
27 Arctic Lover
28 As It Fell Upon a Day
29 At a Solemn Musick
30 At a Vacation Exercise
31 Atalanta in Camden-Town
32 Auguries of Innocence
33 Autumn Woods

B. 34 Ballad of Reading Gaol 35 Ballads of Cheechako 36 Barbara Frietchie 37 Battle-Field 38 Beatrice 39 Bee in the Tar-Barrel 40 Bells 41 Beowulf (Germany) 42 Birches 43 Black Riders and Other Lines 44 Blessed Are They That Mourn 45 Book of Kings (Epic of Kings) 46 Boy's Will 47 Brahma 48 Break Break Break 49 Bridal Ballad 50 Bright star! would I were stedfast as thou art 51 Broken and a Contrite Heart 52 Brother and Sister 53 Brother and Sister 54 Burden of Itys 55 Burial of Love 56 Burial-Place
C. 57 Canon's Yeoman's Prologue 58 Canon's Yeoman's Tale 59 Captive Loosed 60 Casey - Twenty Years Later 61 Casey's Revenge 62 Catterskill Falls 63 Centennial Hymn 64 Character of Charles Brown 65 Charge of the Light Brigade 66 Charmides (Wilde) 67 Chicago Poems 68 Child's Funeral 69 Child's Garden of Verses 70 Christabel 71 Christmas 72 Christmas in 1875 73 City in the Sea 74 Clerk's Prologue 75 Clerk's Tale 76 Cloud on the Way 77 Coliseum 78 Commission 79 Comus 80 Concord Hymn 81 Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus 82 Conqueror Worm 83 Conqueror's Grave 84 Constellations 85 Consumption 86 Contemplations 87 Cook's Prologue 88 Cook's Tale 89 Coronach 90 Country Church 91 Crossing the Bar 92 Crowded Street
D. 93 Damsel of Peru 94 Dance Figure 95 Danny Deever 96 Dante 97 Day is Done 98 Day is gone and all its sweets are gone! 99 Day of Doom 100 Day-Dream 101 Death Be Not Proud 102 Death of a Fair Infant 103 Death of Channing 104 Death of Lincoln 105 Death of Slavery 106 Death of the Flowers 107 Dedication (of Poems 1817) to Leigh Hunt Esq 108 Deuterocanonical Books of
       the Bible: The Apocrypha
109 Disinterred Warrior 110 Divine Image 111 Don Juan 112 Double Acrostic: I sing a place 113 Double Acrostic: Two little girls 114 Dover Beach 115 Down by the Salley Gardens 116 Dramatic Lyrics 117 Dream 118 Dream 119 Dream Within a Dream 120 Dreamland 121 Dreams 122 Dreams
E. 123 E. P. Ode Pour L'Election de Son Sepulchre 124 Earth 125 Earth Is Full of Thy Riches 126 Earth's Children Cleave to Earth 127 Echoes 128 Eclogues 129 Ecstasy 130 Eldorado 131 Elegy Written in a Country Church-Yard 132 Eleutheria 133 Elf 134 Elizabeth 135 Embargo 136 Endymion: A Poetic Romance 137 Enigma 138 Epigrams 139 Epilogue to the Merchant's Tale 140 Epilogue to the Nun's Priest's Tale 141 Epitaph on the Marchioness of Winchester 142 Epithalamion 143 Eulalie 144 Eureka 145 Eve of Saint Mark 146 Eve of St Agnes 147 Evening Revery 148 Evening Star 149 Evening Wind 150 Except the Lord Build the House 151 Exile's Letter
F. 152 Faces in the Fire 153 Facts 154 Faerie Queen 155 Fairy-land 156 Fall of Hyperion: A Dream 157 Fame's Penny-Trumpet 158 Fancy 159 Farewell 160 Fifth Ode of Horace. Lib. I 161 Firmament 162 Flower in the Crannied Wall 163 Flower of Love 164 Flowers of Gold 165 For Annie 166 For the Fourth of July 167 For there's Bishop's teign 168 Forest Hymn 169 Fountain 170 Four Riddles 171 Four seasons fill the measure of the year 172 Fourth Movement 173 Franklin's Prologue 174 Franklin's Tale 175 Freeman's Hymn 176 Friar's Prologue 177 Friar's Tale 178 From Lustra
G. 179 Game of Fives 180 Garden of Eros 181 Genius of Columbia 182 Georgics 183 Gitanjali (Song Offerings) 184 Gladness of Nature 185 Greek Boy 186 Greek Partisan 187 Green Mountain Boys 188 Green River 189 Gulistan 190 Gunga Din
H. 191 Happiest Day the Happiest Hour 192 Haunted Palace 193 Helen 194 Hesiod, Homeric Hymns, and Homerica 195 Hiawatha's Departure 196 Hiawatha's Photographing 197 Highwayman 198 His Battles O'er Again 199 His Mother Kept All These Sayings in Her Heart 200 His Tender Mercies Are Over All His Works 201 Holy Thursday 202 Home-Thoughts From Abroad 203 Homes of England 204 Horrors 205 Hound of Heaven 206 House by the Side of the Road 207 House of Fame 208 How Amiable Are Thy Tabernacles! 209 How Do I Love Thee? 210 How many bards gild the lapses of time! 211 Humanitad 212 Hunter of the Prairies 213 Hunter's Serenade 214 Hunter's Vision 215 Hunting of the Snark 216 Hurricane 217 Hymn 218 Hymn of the City 219 Hymn of the Sea 220 Hymn of the Waldenses 221 Hymn to Death 222 Hymn to the North Star 223 Hyperion
I. 224 I Broke the Spell That Held Me Long 225 I Cannot Forget with What Fervid Devotion 226 I cry your mercy- pity- love!- aye love! 227 I Have a Rendezvous with Death 228 I stood tip-toe upon a little hill 229 I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud 230 I Will Fight No More Forever 231 I Will Send Them Prophets and Apostles 232 Idylls of the King 233 If 234 If by dull rhymes our English must be chain'd 235 If Thou Must Love Me 236 Il Penseroso 237 Iliad 238 Imitation of Spenser 239 Impressions de Theatre 240 In a Copy of Omar Khayyam 241 In a Station of the Metro 242 In Memoriam 243 In Memory of William Leggett 244 In the Prison Pen 245 Indian at the Burial-Place of His Fathers 246 Indian Girl's Lament 247 Indian Story 248 Inferno 249 Innocent Child and Snow-White Flower 250 Inscription for the Entrance to a Wood 251 Introduction to the Lawyer's Prologue 252 Invictus 253 Invitation to the Country 254 Isabella; or The Pot of Basil 255 Israfel 256 Italy J. 257 Jenny Kiss'd Me 258 Journey of Life 259 June K. 260 Keen fitful gusts are whisp'ring here and there 261 King Stephen 262 Knight's Epitaph 263 Knight's Tale 264 Kubla Khan or A Vision in a Dream L. 265 L'Allegro 266 L'Envoi 267 La Belle Dame sans Merci: A Ballad 268 Lady of the Ladle 269 Lake Isle of Innisfree 270 Lake: To __ 271 Lamia 272 Land of Dreams 273 Lang Coortin' 274 Law 275 Lawyer's Prologue 276 Lawyer's Tale 277 Lays of Mystery Imagination and Humour 278 Leaves of Grass 279 Legend of Good Women 280 Legend of the Delawares 281 Lenore 282 Lesson in Latin 283 Liberty and Peace 284 Liberty Tree 285 Life 286 Life That Is 287 Limerick 288 Lines Composed a Few Miles
       Above Tintern Abbey
289 Lines on the Mermaid Tavern 290 Lines Rhymed in a Letter from Oxford 291 Living Lost 292 London 293 Lord Dunmore's Petition to the Legislature 294 Lord Giveth Wisdom 295 Love among the Roses 296 Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock 297 Love's Philosophy 298 Love's Usury 299 Love-Letter to Her Husband 300 Loveliest of Trees The Cherry Now 301 Lover's Complaint 302 Lyceum 303 Lycidas M. 304 Madrigal 305 Maggie B__ 306 Maggie's Visit to Oxford 307 Maiden's Sorrow 308 Majesty of Justice 309 Man He Killed 310 Manciple's Prologue 311 Manciple's Tale 312 Mandalay 313 March 314 Massacre at Scio 315 May Evening 316 May Sun Sheds an Amber Light 317 Meditation on Rhode Island Coal 318 Meditations Divine and Moral 319 Melancholetta 320 Melodies 321 Mending Wall 322 Merchant's Prologue 323 Merchant's Tale 324 Metamorphoses 325 Midsummer 326 Miller's Prologue 327 Miller's Tale 328 Miniver Cheevy 329 Miscellaneous Poems 330 Miscellaneous Poems 331 Misunderstandings 332 Mock Turtle's Song (Early version) 333 Modern Love 334 Moeurs Contemporaines 335 Monk's Prologue 336 Monk's Tale 337 Monument Mountain 338 Moon 339 Mother's Hymn 340 Mountain Interval 341 Murdered Traveller 342 Mutation 343 My Autumn Walk 344 My Fairy 345 My Fancy 346 My Heart Leaps Up When I Behold 347 My Last Duchess
N. 348 New and the Old 349 New Colossus 350 New Moon 351 Nibelungenlied 352 Night Journey of a River 353 No Man Knoweth His Sepulchre 354 Non Sum Qualis Eram Bonae Sub Regno Cynarae 355 Noon 356 North of Boston 357 Not Yet 358 November 359 Nun's Priest's Tale 360 Nursery Darling 361 Nymph's Reply to the Shepherd
O. 362 O Solitude! if I must with thee dwell 363 O thou whose face hath felt the Winter's wind 364 O Western Wind 365 October 366 October 1866 367 Ode (Bards of Passion and of Mirth) 368 Ode for an Agricultural Celebration 369 Ode on a Grecian Urn 370 Ode on Indolence 371 Ode on Melancholy 372 Ode to a Nightingale 373 Ode to Connecticut River 374 Ode to Damon 375 Ode to May 376 Ode to Psyche 377 Ode to the West Wind 378 Ode: Intimations of Immortality 379 Odi et Amo 380 Odyssey 381 Of Abigail His Wife 382 Of the Four Ages of Man 383 Oh Fairest of the Rural Maids 384 Oh Mother of a Mighty Race 385 Oh When I was in Love with You 386 Old Man's Counsel 387 Old Man's Funeral 388 On a Dream 389 On a Leander Gem
       Which a Young Lady Gave the Author
390 On Fame 391 On First Looking into Chapman's Homer 392 On Life 393 On My First Son 394 On Seeing the Elgin Marbles 395 On Shakespear 396 On Sitting Down to Read King Lear Once Again 397 On the Grasshopper and Cricket 398 On the Lord Gen. Fairfax 399 On the Morning of Christ's Nativity 400 On the Nature of Things 401 On the new forcers of Conscience 402 On the Sea 403 On the University Carrier 404 On This Day I Complete My Thirty-Sixth Year 405 On Time 406 On Visiting the Tomb of Burns 407 Only a Woman's Hair 408 Order of Nature 409 Orlando Furioso 410 Other Sheep I Have Which Are Not of This Fold 411 Our Country's Call 412 Over the hill and over the dale 413 Owl 414 Owl and the Pussy-Cat 415 Ozymandias P. 416 Pact 417 Painted Cup 418 Panthea 419 Paradise 420 Paradise Lost 421 Paradise Regained 422 Paraphrase on Psalm 114 423 Pardoner's Tale 424 Parson's Prologue 425 Passion 426 Passionate Pilgrim 427 Passionate Shepherd to His Love 428 Past 429 Pastor's Return 430 Path 431 Path of Roses 432 Paul Revere's Ride 433 Phantasmagoria 434 Phoenix and the Turtle 435 Photography Extraordinary 436 Physician's Tale 437 Planting of the Apple-Tree 438 Poems 439 Poems 440 Poems: Second Series 441 Poems: Third Series 442 Poet 443 Poet 444 Poeta Fit non Nascitur 445 Poison Tree 446 Porphyria's Lover 447 Portrait D'une Femme 448 Prairies 449 Presentiment 450 Prioress' Prologue 451 Prioress' Tale 452 Proclaim Liberty throughout the Land 453 Prologue 454 Prologue of the Pardoner's Tale 455 Prologue to a Comedy 456 Prologue to Melibeus 457 Prologue to Sir Thopas 458 Prologue to the Nun's Priest's Tale 459 Prospice 460 Psalm 136 461 Psalms I-VIII 462 Psalms LXXX-LXXXVIII 463 Puck Lost and Found 464 Punctuality 465 Purgatory 466 Puzzle 467 Puzzles from Wonderland
R. 468 Rabbi Ben Ezra 469 Rain-Dream 470 Rape of Lucrece 471 Rats and Mice 472 Raven 473 Raven 474 Ravenna 475 Receive Thy Sight 476 Red Red Rose 477 Reeve's Prologue 478 Reeve's Tale 479 Remember 480 Renascence and Other Poems 481 Requiem 482 Return of the Birds 483 Return of Youth 484 Rhyme? and Reason? 485 Richard Cory 486 Riddle 487 Riddle 488 Rime of the Ancient Mariner 489 Ring Out Wild Bells 490 River-Merchant's Wife: A Letter 491 Rivulet 492 Rizpah 493 Road Not Taken 494 Robert of Lincoln 495 Romance 496 Romero 497 Rosa Mystica 498 Rose 499 Rubaiyat 500 Ruined Maid 501 Rules and Regulations
S. 502 Sailor's Prologue 503 Sailor's Tale 504 Sailor's Wife 505 Salutation 506 Samson Agonistes 507 Scene on the Banks of the Hudson 508 Scenes from "Politian" 509 Sea Dirge 510 Second Nun's Prologue 511 Second Nun's Tale 512 Selected Poems 513 Selected Poems 514 Selected Poems 515 Selected Poems 516 Selected Poems 517 Selected Works of Sappho 518 Selections from Poetical Works 519 Selections from The Biglow Papers 520 Serenade 521 Seventy-Six 522 She 523 She Dwelt Among the Untrodden Ways 524 She Walks In Beauty 525 She Was a Phantom of Delight 526 Sheridan at Cedar Creek 527 Shooting of Dan McGrew 528 Sick-Bed 529 Single Hound 530 Sir Thopas 531 Size and Tears 532 Sleep and Poetry 533 Sleeper 534 Snow-Shower 535 So We'll Go No More A-Roving 536 Soldier 537 Sole 538 Solitude 539 Song 540 Song ("Dost thou idly ask to hear") 541 Song ("Soon as the glazed and gleaming snow") 542 Song ("These prairies glow with flowers") 543 Song (From Pippa Passes) 544 Song (O blush not so!) 545 Song About Myself 546 Song for New-Year's Eve 547 Song For St. Cecilia's Day 548 Song of Marion's Men 549 Song of Pitcairn's Island 550 Song of Roland 551 Song of the Greek Amazon 552 Song of the Sower 553 Song of the Stars 554 Song of Wandering Aengus 555 Song On May morning 556 Song: Go and Catch a Falling Star 557 Song: How Sweet I Roamed from Field to Field 558 Sonnet - Silence 559 Sonnet - To Science 560 Sonnet - To Zante 561 Sonnets 562 Sonnets I & VII-XIX 563 Spenser! a jealous honourer of thine 564 Sphinx (Wilde) 565 Spirits of the Dead 566 Spring in Town 567 Squire's Prologue 568 Squire's Tale 569 Stanzas 570 Stanzas (In drear-nighted December) 571 Star of Bethlehem 572 Stolen Waters 573 Strange Lady 574 Stream of Life 575 Summer Ramble 576 Summer Wind 577 Summoner's Prologue 578 Summoner's Tale 579 Sweet Afton 580 Sweet and Low Sweet and Low
T. 581 Tamerlane 582 Tao Te Ching 583 Thanatopsis 584 Thanatopsis (Early Version) 585 The Minor Poems 586 The Prairie 587 The Ring and the Book 588 The Spell of the Yukon and Other Verses 589 The Stone Fleet 590 Theme with Variations 591 Third of November 1861 592 This Do in Remembrance of Me 593 This living hand now warm and capable 594 Those Horrid Hurdy-Gurdies! 595 Thou God Seest Me 596 Thou Hast Put All Things under His Feet 597 Three Children 598 Three Little Maids 599 Three Sunsets 600 Three Voices 601 Thy Word Is Truth 602 Tides 603 To __ (1830) 604 To __ __ (1829) 605 To a Cloud 606 To a Friend Whose Work has Come to Nothing 607 To a Mosquito 608 To a Skylark 609 To a Waterfowl 610 To Ailsa Rock 611 To Althea from Prison 612 To an Athlete Dying Young 613 To Autumn 614 To Celia 615 To Charles Cowden Clarke 616 To Cole the Painter Departing for Europe 617 To Death 618 To F__ 619 To F__s S O__d 620 To Helen (1831) 621 To Helen (1848) 622 To His Coy Mistress 623 To His Mistress Going To Bed 624 To Homer 625 To J H Reynolds Esq 626 To Lucasta Going to the Wars 627 To M. A. B. 628 To M. L. S__ 629 To M__ 630 To Mr. Cyriack Skinner Upon His Blindness 631 To Mrs Reynolds's Cat 632 To my Child-Friend 633 To My Dear And Loving Husband 634 To My Mother 635 To One in Paradise 636 To one who has been long in city pent 637 To Sleep 638 To Sr Henry Vane the younger 639 To the Apennines 640 To the Fringed Gentian 641 To the Lord Generall Cromwell May 1652 642 To the Memory of My Beloved 643 To the River __ 644 To the River Arve 645 To the Virgins To Make Much of Time 646 To three puzzled little Girls 647 To- (Time's sea hath been five years
       at its slow ebb)
648 To- (What can I do to drive away) 649 Tommy 650 Translated from Ronsard 651 Tree-Burial 652 Troilus and Criseyde 653 Truth Shall Make You Free 654 Twenty-Seventh of March 655 Two Acrostics 656 Two Brothers 657 Two Brothers 658 Two Graves 659 Two Poems to Rachel Daniel 660 Two Thieves 661 Two Travellers 662 Tyger U. 663 Ulalume 664 Unknown Way 665 Upon Julia's Clothes 666 Upon the Circumcision 667 Upon the Mountain's Distant Head
V. 668 Valentine 669 Valentine 670 Valley of the Shadow of Death 671 Valley of Unrest 672 Vanity of Vanities 673 Venus and Adonis 674 Village Blacksmith 675 Vitae Summa Brevis Spem
       Nos Vetat Incohare Longam
676 Voice of Autumn
W. 677 Walk at Sunset 678 Waning Moon 679 War is Kind and Other Lines 680 West Wind 681 Whatsoever He Sayeth Unto You Do It 682 When I have fears that I may cease to be 683 When I Was One-and-Twenty 684 When You are Old 685 White-Footed Deer 686 Why did I laugh to-night? No voice will tell 687 Wife of Bath's Prologue 688 Wife of Bath's Tale 689 William Tell 690 Willing Mistriss 691 Willow-Tree 692 Wind and Stream 693 Wind Flowers 694 Winds 695 Winter Piece 696 With Rue My Heart is Laden 697 Woman's Trifling Needs 698 Words of the Franklin 699 Words of the Host 700 World is Too Much With Us 701 Written in the Cottage Where Burns Was Born 702 Written on the Day that Mr Leigh Hunt Left Prison
Y. 703 Ye Carpette Knyghte 704 Yellow Violet
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