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Netgem PDF files and their click-a-pic slideshows:
Netgem User Manual 4.4.2: PDF Images
Images for Netgems/800x600 views.
697kb PDF
Once first full screen width image loads,
click image or press OK to view the next.
Last image visits Netgem Forum or here.
Netgem User Manual July 2005: 141kb PDF
UM July 05 Slideshow
Netgem Quick Guide July 2005: 117kb PDF
QS July 05 Slideshow
Netgem Audio Description 2005: 153kb PDF
AD Slideshow
Netgem Website/TV Guidelines: 441kb PDF
Guidelines Slideshow
Forums RT BUG (Archive)
Yahoo Groups 1 i-p 2 n-i-p
Netgem Fullscreen TV Fantasy Art Slideshows