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Here's what I like to call Jennifer's Jukebox!
Just click on one of the song titles! If you're a PC or a
Dreamcast Console surfer, you can play the midi files...
To help with music lyrics and downloads, I set up some
webpages and music resources eg download music players
as well as do extra searches for more midis they like!

Among the music players to download from the Internet
is the VanBasco Karaoke Player which you can find out
more about by visiting the above webpages first and
then checking out download details etc directly...

I use more than one music player especially for midis.
Like the NotePlayer Music Notation program, some can
display lots of second-by-second information...

Here is a demo picture which I hope shows its merit!

Van Basco's karaoke music player can play music .mid midis files and display the piano keyboard while showing play times etc...

thanks to it's possible here, too!

Once you know a website's music midi address and a
website's picture or animation address use these
or the ones provided in the collection!
Thousands of images are available to choose from!
The service has its own Jukebox! Choose a tune!
With the email service,
you can preview a chosen card and its music!
Since you can send emails to multiple addresses,
you could send a copy to yourself for reference!
You can register your personal website, too!
Visitors can then test the service on their sites!

Click here to CREATE Free Greeting Cards

A tutorial is provided on the page!

Here's another email greetings demo page!

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I love the Destiny Radio media player!
It allows you to set up a midi music playlist.
This is just an example of a playlist...
Click a link to play the music. If you don't
have a music player like Destiny Radio then
download it, virus check it, install it! or for:

There is also a link for MAC computers.

Listen to stations link:

Download then virus check then should be OK

Click the application name destinymp3.exe

Install and register you details.

The playlist I've set up will only play the midis
on C: drive and in the folder called jennifersjukebox.
The file name is jenniferjukebox.lst so click on that
to open the newly-installed Destiny Player!

Usually, the Windows Media Player is on the PC.
That's why the following link pages allow for that!
If you right-click on a song title, you can then
select to SAVE TARGET AS... then save it to your PC.
All copyrighted material is the intellectual
property of the original creators. The midis have
been found on the Internet, here, there, everywhere!
The lyrics websites have links to the words and
sometimes to the music midis, too. So, if you
prefer to try these out or midis websites found
by search engines like
then please do so because you'll find some truly
wondrous midis out there on ye olde Internet...

Click midi link to open it in your installed midi player!
NB Destiny Media Player creates PC folders playlists!
Refresh=start/Press STOP. Use Play arrow Slide. Right-click=volume
Volume: up/down arrows... Options/Advanced: volume+balance

Stop and play button. Right-click play box area with mouse to
see extra options: set volume up: up arrow key (below END key).
Down arrow turns sound down! Useful for speakers/headphones.
Here's a right-click view of play box! Website picture address:

c u r s o r  u p o n  p l a y  b o x : r i g h t - c l i c k  m o u s e  o p t i o n s , s e t  v o l u m e  c o n t r o l  N B  u p / d o w n  c u r s o r  a r r o w s , s e t  a d v a n c e d  f e a t u r e s




I Just Called To Say I Love You midi
Bridge Over Troubled Waters midi
Can't Help Falling In Love With You midi
Can't Take My Eyes Off You midi
My Eyes Adored You midi
For Your Eyes Only midi
From Russia With Love midi
Nobody Does It Better midi
Eternal Flame midi
Unchained Melody midi
She Was Beautiful midi
You Light Up My Life midi
Romeo And Juliet midi
Can't Live If Living Is Without You midi
Somewhere Over The Rainbow midi
Everything I Do midi
On Top Of The World midi
What A Wonderful World midi
What The World Needs Now Is Love midi
When You Wish Upon A Star midi
When A Man Loves A Woman midi

I'm Singing In The Rain midi
(Thanks to G Pollen Music!)

You Are My Sunshine midi
First Love midi
I'm All Shook Up midi
You Were Always On My Mind midi
Have I Told You Lately That I Love You midi
Jesus Christ, Superstar midi

The Destiny Media Player can save a playlist!

This one has therefore been stored here:

Left-click shows text file, right-click to SAVE TARGET AS:


C: drive then jennifersjukebox and SAVE MIDIS THERE:
To help this work, here's a zip file which speeds up
the process for you. Just right-click this link,
select SAVE TARGET AS... then SAVE it to C: drive.

Extract files to C: drive in jennifersjukebox folder!

Here is an example picture for jennifersjukebox as
explained on

Download zip to C: drive. Create new folder on C: drive
as jennifersjukebox Open zip file with winzip or
download this zip program free: Virus check it!

Install the program! Click the downloaded zip name.
Open up all the midis. Click on jennifersplaylist.lst
Select all files, extract them all in C: drive folder
jennifersjukebox Open the new folder to see the midis!
Click song to play a midi or click jennifersplaylist.lst
Music Player: see midis. Set order? Save: myplaylist.lst
Download free zip program and picture viewer/stretcher!

On downloading the midi zip file...

It should contain the midis and the playlist called
jennifersplaylist.lst and having saved it to C: drive,
create the new C: drive folder to put the files in.
when you open the jennifersjukebox folder, it will be
empty unless the zipped files have been extracted...

Download zip collection to C: drive. Create new folder
on C: drive as jennifersjukebox Open zip file with winzip!

If you don't have winzip, download a zip program free: then virus check it and install it!
Click zip name, open midis and jennifersplaylist.lst file.
Select files, extract to C: drive folder jennifersjukebox
Open folder to see the midis! Play them individually,
click one! Otherwise click jennifersplaylist.lst

Destiny Music Player shows the midis.

Reset order? Save as myplaylist.lst
Click the Destiny Music Player's PLAY icon...
Set volume for speakers/headphone! (top right circle).
You can play from the PC's wav or rmi files.
Update the Library then select from these, too.
Study the playlist! Rearrange the playlist!
You can add or delete. Save new list with new name!
Use Volume icon on the right to select what's right!
Some midis start soft then finish with a flourish!

Sheet Music Displays:

The Noteworthy Software program

This can be downloaded and virus-checked.
It can be installed. When you right-click on
a midi file eg jesuschristsuperstar.mid
The program not only plays the midi but
displays the sheet music onscreen.
You can zoom in to see a close-up view,
otherwise see the various parts of what
makes the midi music effects work so well!

Here are some pictures to show the displays: for the program that displays a midi file's sheet music as well as playing the tune!

Notate and play uses music notation and special fonts create the symbols for page-by-page onscreen displays!

Remember, the program adds itself to the
right-click menu options for when a music
file is selected. Other sheet music players
play .mtd sheet music files. For further
details about sheet music see the music
webpages for downloads and lyrics...

Hello! Here's another poem and it's based on my getting some
music player programs from the Internet! As explained on there are some wondrous
free programs such as for sheet music and lyrics and for
composing a new tune or tunes to mix together! I composed
a new piece of music with the Visual Music program which
displays a piano keyboard onscreen. So I could choose from
over 100 instruments and create a set of them as one
combined piece. This poem was written very early in the
morning as a way of saying THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC!


The most wondrous gift of music transcends our common thought
Such that the soul can take its pick of sweet sounds that support.
For music soothes the savage beast, the animal within
Such that its rage can be appeased to calm it from all sin.
Tranquillity, serenity... in essence, peace and calm.
Like life itself is meant to be: a sanctuary from harm.
Why else would music thrill our hearts when peace is not our need?
At times like these the maestro's arts help dancers to be freed!
From graceful steps to leaps above, the music gives us wings!
Reminding us with words of love which each voice fondly sings!
Like birds that whistle to and fro, we, too, have joys to share!
The wondrous gift which angels know assists us in true prayer.
Each melody, each harmony, each symphony sublime
Transcends God's great eternity, across both space and time!
This very day new songs are born that writers must compose!
God bless their dreams for come the dawn what wondrous beauty flows!

DENIS MARTINDALE, copyright January 2004.

The tune is about raindrops falling, making magical sounds!

Visual Music can combine the same tune if you change the
first part for the INSTRUMENT NUMBER so that's why I have
called the tune like this droplets-103-10-96-75.msc

Here is that text/script which controls each note etc...
I played the tune without any idea if it would work!
Copyright, on an 'as is' basis, Denis Martindale, January 2004.
It's as spontaneous as raindrops or snowflakes can be!

I:103 NON:36 s:2 NOFF:36 s:11 NON:33 s:2 NOFF:33 s:24 NON:36 s:2 NOFF:36 s:13 NON:33 s:1 NOFF:33 s:23 NON:35 s:2 NOFF:35 s:15 NON:31 s:2 NOFF:31 s:21 NON:35 s:1 NOFF:35 s:16 NON:31 s:2 NOFF:31 s:25 NON:29 s:1 NOFF:29 s:22 NON:29 s:2 NOFF:29 s:6 NON:26 s:2 NOFF:26 s:15 NON:24 s:2 NOFF:24 s:12 NON:29 s:2 NOFF:29 s:23 NON:26 s:1 NOFF:26 s:3 NON:26 s:1 NOFF:26 s:11 NON:23 s:2 NOFF:23 s:17 NON:21 s:2 NOFF:21 s:17 NON:17 s:2 NOFF:17 s:25 NON:14 s:2 NOFF:14 s:24 NON:11 s:2 NOFF:11 s:20 NON:7 s:3 NOFF:7 s:21 NON:4 s:2 NOFF:4 s:18 NON:0 s:2 NOFF:0 s:32 NON:36 s:2 NOFF:36 s:2 NON:36 s:1 NOFF:36 s:6 NON:36 s:1 NOFF:36 s:12 NON:33 s:1 NOFF:33 s:3 NON:33 s:1 NOFF:33 s:3 NON:33 s:2 NOFF:33 s:3 NON:33 s:1 NOFF:33 s:5 NON:33 s:2 NOFF:33 s:14 NON:28 s:2 NOFF:28 s:3 NON:28 s:2 NOFF:28 s:3 NON:28 s:2 NOFF:28 s:6 NON:29 s:3 NOFF:29 s:4 NON:31 s:2 NOFF:31 s:13 NON:28 s:1 NOFF:28 s:7 NON:26 s:1 NOFF:26 s:10 NON:26 s:2 NOFF:26 s:2 NON:26 s:2 NOFF:26 s:3 NON:26 s:2 NOFF:26 s:13 NON:36 s:2 NOFF:36 s:4 NON:36 s:1 NOFF:36 s:4 NON:36 s:2 NOFF:36 s:15 NON:0 s:1 NOFF:0 s:6 NON:0 s:1 NOFF:0 s:4 NON:0 s:2 NOFF:0 s:18 NON:36 s:2 NOFF:36 s:2 NON:36 s:1 NOFF:36 s:3 NON:36 s:2 NOFF:36 s:12 NON:0 s:1 NOFF:0 s:5 NON:0 s:1 NOFF:0 s:5 NON:0 s:2 NOFF:0 s:18 NON:36 s:2 NOFF:36 s:5 NON:36 s:1 NOFF:36 s:8 NON:36 s:1 NOFF:36 s:12 NON:36 s:1 NOFF:36 s:5 NON:36 s:2 NOFF:36 s:5 NON:36 s:1 NOFF:36 s:10 NON:36 s:1 NOFF:36 s:4 NON:36 s:1 NOFF:36 s:3 NON:36 s:1 NOFF:36 s:4 NON:36 s:1 NOFF:36 s:3 NON:36 s:1 NOFF:36 s:2 NON:36 s:1 NOFF:36 s:1 NON:36 s:1 NOFF:36 s:2 NON:36 s:1 NOFF:36 s:2 NON:36 s:1 NOFF:36 s:1 NON:36 s:2 NOFF:36 s:0 NON:36 s:2 NOFF:36 s:1 NON:36 s:1 NOFF:36 s:1 NON:36 s:2 NOFF:36 s:1 NON:36 s:1 NOFF:36 s:5 NON:35 s:1 NOFF:35 s:2 NON:35 s:1 NOFF:35 s:2 NON:35 s:2 NOFF:35 s:2 NON:35 s:1 NOFF:35 s:2 NON:35 s:1 NOFF:35 s:2 NON:35 s:1 NOFF:35 s:2 NON:35 s:2 NOFF:35 s:10 NON:33 s:1 NOFF:33 s:2 NON:33 s:2 NOFF:33 s:2 NON:33 s:1 NOFF:33 s:3 NON:33 s:1 NOFF:33 s:3 NON:33 s:2 NOFF:33 s:7 NON:35 s:1 NOFF:35 s:5 NON:36 s:2 NOFF:36 s:6 NON:35 s:2 NOFF:35 s:5 NON:33 s:1 NOFF:33 s:7 NON:31 s:2 NOFF:31 s:9 NON:29 s:1 NOFF:29 s:4 NON:29 s:2 NOFF:29 s:2 NON:29 s:2 NOFF:29 s:3 NON:29 s:1 NOFF:29 s:4 NON:29 s:1 NOFF:29 s:5 NON:31 s:1 NOFF:31 s:4 NON:33 s:1 NOFF:33 s:8 NON:31 s:2 NOFF:31 s:8 NON:29 s:2 NOFF:29 s:9 NON:28 s:2 NOFF:28 s:10 NON:24 s:2 NOFF:24 s:9 NON:21 s:1 NOFF:21 s:9 NON:17 s:2 NOFF:17 s:10 NON:14 s:2 NOFF:14 s:19 NON:9 s:4 NOFF:9 s:14 NON:11 s:2 NOFF:11 s:16 NON:12 s:13 NOFF:12 s:20 NON:36 s:2 NOFF:36 s:30 NON:24 s:1 NOFF:24 s:18 NON:12 s:2 NOFF:12 s:23 NON:0 s:3 NOFF:0 s:25 NON:36 s:2 NOFF:36 s:15 NON:24 s:2 NOFF:24 s:16 NON:12 s:2 NOFF:12 s:18 NON:14 s:2 NOFF:14 s:8 NON:16 s:1 NOFF:16 s:19 NON:17 s:1 NOFF:17 s:4 NON:19 s:2 NOFF:19 s:4 NON:21 s:2 NOFF:21 s:33 NON:12 s:2 NOFF:12 s:8 NON:14 s:1 NOFF:14 s:7 NON:16 s:1 NOFF:16 s:15 NON:16 s:2 NOFF:16 s:4 NON:17 s:2 NOFF:17 s:4 NON:19 s:1 NOFF:19 s:10 NON:21 s:1 NOFF:21 s:4 NON:23 s:1 NOFF:23 s:6 NON:21 s:1 NOFF:21 s:5 NON:19 s:2 NOFF:19 s:5 NON:17 s:1 NOFF:17 s:17 NON:17 s:2 NOFF:17 s:3 NON:17 s:1 NOFF:17 s:3 NON:17 s:1 NOFF:17 s:3 NON:17 s:2 NOFF:17 s:4 NON:17 s:1 NOFF:17 s:12 NON:21 s:1 NOFF:21 s:3 NON:21 s:1 NOFF:21 s:3 NON:21 s:1 NOFF:21 s:3 NON:21 s:1 NOFF:21 s:5 NON:21 s:1 NOFF:21 s:11 NON:23 s:1 NOFF:23 s:3 NON:23 s:1 NOFF:23 s:3 NON:23 s:1 NOFF:23 s:3 NON:23 s:1 NOFF:23 s:4 NON:23 s:2 NOFF:23 s:7 NON:24 s:2 NOFF:24 s:7 NON:26 s:2 NOFF:26 s:18 NON:21 s:1 NOFF:21 s:13 NON:17 s:2 NOFF:17 s:16 NON:14 s:2 NOFF:14 s:26 NON:11 s:2 NOFF:11 s:18 NON:7 s:2 NOFF:7 s:20 NON:5 s:2 NOFF:5 s:15 NON:4 s:1 NOFF:4 s:17 NON:2 s:3 NOFF:2 s:58 NON:0 s:29 NOFF:0

Here is a link to that combined set of instrumental tunes

droplets103-10-96-75.msc for Visual Music program!

Right-click on this link, Save Target As...
Save to C drive... it may not say .msc
Add that to the end of the filename!
Change from Save As Text... and then...
Select Save All Files Option instead...
Once on your PC, click it if you have
already installed Visual Music program...

Here is the file in a quick winzip... for Visual Music program!

That means it should play back as a full set of tunes!

Here's a demo piccie for Visual Music! It shows the Menus!

I often write poems using 8, 6, 8, 6 common metre.
I have included song lyrics and some midis here:

The Merry Christmas hymn and wondrous angels posters:

The poem has been accepted for publication!

To help with music lyrics and downloads, I set up some
webpages and music resources eg download music players
as well as do extra searches for more midis they like!
I'm working on adding some more midis here, too! Honest!

Further sheet music resources are found on


(If you enjoy this collection half as much as I do,
then I've enjoyed them TWICE as much as you have...)
Denis Martindale neon light logo, special background, fancy font, adding negative to complete with Paint Shop Pro's Animation Shop frame editor, set frame delay 200
Jennifer's Jukebox midis links:
Doremi music font music character h instead of J, plus music scales, creating new Jennifer's Jukebox logo. Press Print Screen key, copy screen, paste image in Paint Shop Pro, crop image, extend canvas width, add fill colours/borders