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TO PRINT A PAGE, use Internet Explorer File Menu, select the Page Set-up and set margins for half inch or for 12.7mm all round as most can then be printed on just one page using the table border for each poem. If possible, set Advanced Properties for best quality printout to slow the printout down and to avoid any banding effects, nb use the Maintenance feature to clean the printer head to get the best results... Usually, the background image is not printed unless the user changes the setting for this. Don't confuse the webpage's 'background image' with the printer term background printing which is the setting to print a document at the same time you're doing another task... These webpages have been carefully edited to try to get a medium print size display but you can select a larger size using the Internet Explorer View Menu... You select the desired text display size, usually: medium, or select large or largest as you prefer. NB For reference, this poem list webpage is known as: which leads you directly to: THE CELESTIAL COMPETITION! This is about the Genesis of Poetry, so to speak... WHITE OWL IN FLIGHT This is about a walk through the countryside... JUDGE FOR YOURSELF This is about Jesus Christ and about Easter... WITHIN GOD'S WORLD OF WONDERS! This is about the miracle of life and appreciating it! THE PERFECT PRAYER Have you ever tried to create a really powerful prayer? THE PERFECT POEM! Poems often come in dreams, even perfect poems... THE TIME FOR RHYME TREASURE TROVE It's easy to write a poem, isn't it? FRIENDS FOREVER! How can you be friends forever without eternal life? HEREIN IS BEAUTY! Inner beauty is just as important as 'eye-candy'! BEAUTY IS UPON YOU Deliberate repetition for increased emphasis... "THANK YOU!" Courtesy costs nothing yet means everything! OXFAM: THE PRINCIPAL PRIORITY IS LOVE Tribute to faith, hope and charity and world-wide ministry! THE DEDICATED FUNDRAISER My father inspired this by his persistent example! AS FAITHFUL AS FOREVER My mother inspired this by her persistent example! AIMING FOR A BETTER WORLD No good moaning about the state of the world, or is it? JERUSALEM, FAR AND AWAY THE BEST! Jerusalem is referred to as the apple of God's eye... THE BRILLIANT BLESSING OF BEAUTY! Where would we be without the existence of beauty? THE PRECIOUS GIFT OF POETRY! The Precious Gift of Poetry: Use it... or lose it! THE POET TREE The word 'poetry' gave me this theme for a special tree... IT'S UP TO YOU! Love is a choice of action instead of reaction... 'GOD IS LOVE' God is everywhere otherwise there wouldn't be anywhere... LISTEN TO LOVE... Imagine Love acting as a voice of encouragement... I'M GOING TO FINISH THIS POEM! A Pears Encyclopaedia poem inspired this one! The original poem was a challenge: 'You Bid Me Try'. I'M GLAD THAT I'M A POET... There are two types of poet found in the world: Those that can type and those that can't... THE PINING POET'S PLEA... Romantic rhyme sometimes has a poke at the writer! HER SMILE This lady has a million dollar smile and a heart to match... NATURE AT ITS BEST! Study biology and learn about this amazing wonderful world! KEEP CHRISTIAN EYES ON THE SAVIOUR'S HORIZON! Keep an eye on current events then ask what God will do... FAITH FROM THE FATHER,
Help from Heaven itself sure comes in handy, you know! OH TO LOOK WITH EYES THAT SEE FOREVER… Thinking in terms of the long-term point of view... NATURE'S RESPLENDENT RAINBOWS! The spectacle of colours from above can be breathtaking! CHRIST'S BRAVE NEW WORLD! Jesus is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords! THE COSMIC CREATOR OF LOVE Ever tried to make a cup of tea? How about a planet? LET'S TALK ABOUT LOVE! Think about the glorious character of love, true love... THE POWER OF LOVE (SONG LYRICS) Love is caring and sharing - if we let it... For my poems search for a poet: Martindale, Denis or check the list and Search Box on: The Search Box has my name entered there already... NB over 4 million poets online, plus permission to send a poem as an email greeting... Just select a gentle background that doesn't clash with the text! The Poetry website includes a list of many UK poets, top 100 poems, top 100 love poems and competitions. To register, provide your email address eg sign up for a new email account on or if you prefer a UK address with UK content eg for tv guides on your version of My Yahoo Page and then you can sign up by using Login on the Poetry website to submit a poem: Avoid fancy foreign, curved apostrophes/quotes characters and avoid double speechmarks. Use the basic single straight apostrophe as a quote mark: Max 70 characters per line, max 20 lines.
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