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The soul that lives within you now
Carves Destiny as though a plough!
Decisions made might lead to Heaven...
While some, through sin, must be forgiven...
Godís Law required a sacrifice,
Yet only Christ could pay the price!
Through Him, alone, your sins are waived...
In Him, atoned, you could be saved!
By faith, Man reaches to the Moon -
Tomorrow Mars, or some day soon!
Yet only God could pardon sin,
At Heavenís Gates to call you in!
No Christmas yet could save your soul -
Nor Easter, somehow, make you whole!
But Jesus who climbed Calvaryís Hill...
Presents His Blood... calms conscience still!
The Saviourís Love redeems Mankind -
And, so, when guilt attacks the mind,
Christ whispers with sincerity,
"Tranquillity... serenity..."

Poem by Denis Martindale Copyright © June 2002. http://www.thecrossofchrist.com 10055776.jpg copyright permission to website associates of http://www.allwall.com
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