This is my website which shows how to use
free graphics! My website address is on because it is quite easy
to set up a website on this ISP... I can
create webpages plus tell everybody...
(well, both of you) about the 100,000+
images available to website associates
of such that they
add pictures and links to the original
posters found on

I am not talking about a few graphics!
Lots and lots are available free because
while they remain copyright pictures we
can still show them on not just one of
our websites but all of them!

Thankfully, the posters website has some
helpful links to many categories and, if
you wish, then choose to check the useful
Search Products page then look for similar
products shown on the right of the page...

I've set up a separate fairy picture gallery!
This promotes the fantasy artist who has her
own Allwall or fairy gallery...
If you visit this webpage, too, then you'll
view full screen pictures and read my new
fairy nice poem which leads you on to a
fairy nice email greetings service!

This has a comprehensive links list featuring
the wonderful and beautiful and mystical
pictures by Josephine Wall so you can find
even more spectacular treasures there!

Lord of the Rings related pictures:

I found a few with extra links to fantasy
posters which can also be added to boost
the power and the presence of webpages...
Some pictures are found by name or by
the artist or the subject or even by
the 8-figured number shown... thus, I
found the following numbers of interest:

10050418 and 10059824 and 10048146 and
10076944 and 10076619 and 10059821...
These numbers help find each product page
NB found in Movies/Animation category...
So webpages can come to life with all
manner of allwall wonders! Yes, click the
links below then ZOOM IN for a close-up!
Then zoom in again for the largest view
used here... I am providing links to my
Gallery Pages for these animation and
movie pictures so click on these, too...








Take note: use 8-digit product numbers only!

Yes, once you become an associate, you, too,
can have a gorgeous art gallery like mine...

So pick and choose then upload to your sites!


PC users can right-click on a picture then
copy the picture to the clipboard... then they
open a paint or graphics program to paste it in!
Once saved to the C drive or to A drive then it
can be copied, ie uploaded to the Internet...


To get the exact picture, it is best to try it
this way as it will save the picture without any
shadow display which you see on the allwall site:

The full size pictures I am using are available
when you use the 8-digit search code and then you
click the zoom in link to display a size 2 picture.
Click to zoom in again to see a size 3 picture...

NOW you click the ADD FRAME link below the picture.
NOW you click the 200% view top link to get the
full picture yet shown in its display mode...

NOW you right-click the picture itself and select
to save the file with its current ID still intact.
NB you actually save the picture without a frame.
eg save into My Documents or create a folder in
the My Documents folder... eg spider-man folder...
Keep that ID for the picture thus showing you its
original number for your website and for reference.
The picture has no shadow effect or frame at all.

To use a Geocities website instead of Supanet...

First get your yahoo email account which is to
be the exact website name you really want... Sign Up/Login

Visit with that
email account still open so you are logged in
to Geocities to sign up for that website name. Sign Up/Login

Geocities websites have their own File Manager
and each account has its own PC files uploader.
Files can be uploaded to the directory or you
can create subdirectories or folders eg images.
Links back to the original picture pages help
others find and enjoy over a 100,000 pictures!

Here is the link to my Build A Website info: and

copyright June 2002...

The form below is for this webpage...
It has been registered with
Website creators click the Register here link on that
website resource webpage which can copy a file or a
picture to another site using FTP services available
from free website providers... eg or which now provide 20MB of webspace.

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